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Posted by Ryan Watts on 05/07/2013

Here at The Packshot People, we think there's a lot to be said for keeping our techniques in-camera as far as possible. But there are times when the most appropriate techniques involve image manipulation in post-production.

Nowadays, an increasing number of companies are turning to CGI for their product images. Recent years have seen a dramatic improvement in these graphics, with companies as gigantic as Microsoft now using CGI on a regular basis. But it isn't for everyone. It may be nigh-on impossible to distinguish CGI product photography from the real thing, but differences remain perceptible, and many clients do still prefer the skills and nuances of trained photographers such as ourselves.

Competing effectively with CGI - and maximising our own potential - involves knowing what we're doing in post-production as well as during our shoots. Retouching is all about giving our clients' images an additional shine, making their products stand out and constantly looking to push forward within our industry.

At The Packshot People, we have highly-trained and experienced retouchers who have the flexibility within their skill set to customise our clients' images exactly as required - whatever is required. Whether that involves something simple, such as pulling out particular details, or something complex, such as completely removing objects from images, we can do it. And we know how - and when - to design aspects of a shoot for optimisation in post-production.

So whatever you need, you can have confidence in us to deliver it. Here are some before and after images to show you what we're capable of.


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