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Why we use... Bowens Wafer Softboxes

Posted by Miriam Howell on 26/11/2010

Bowens make a fantastic softbox…one of our wafer softboxes has lasted us 14 years and is still going strong! When we’ve used softboxes of other brands they haven’t lasted nearly as long with either the poles breaking or the outer tearing with the pressure. (We do also recommend Elinchrom softboxes) There is obviously a fine art to designing a long lasting softbox and Bowens seem to have mastered it. I have found other sofboxes very complicated to put up but I seem to have got to grips with the Bowens Wafer. So, they are long lasting and easy to put up, but the most important thing is the quality of light they give off. We have found the wafer softbox does exactly what it says it does… softens the light evenly which is fantastic for all the areas of photography we work in. Have a look at the range that Bowens stock We recommend the Flash Centre in London to supply you with your softbox needs Have a look at our studio layout and how we use our wafers in the picture below.


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