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Bring It Home campaign

Posted by AS on 18/04/2013

One of our photographic clients is Aviva, who work with us on a regular basis for their Street to School campaign.

As part of a new, related campaign titled "Bring It Home", for parenting website Mumsnet, they asked us to produce a series of images around the concept of parents with missing children.

We're very experienced at this sort of work. We're good at producing attention-grabbing, hard-hitting campaign photographs which turn heads. And we delivered again here, with the photograph you can see below. It's all about conveying a convincing degree of emotion. Alongside the actress' tears as she looks straight into the camera, her clenched hand evokes the unrelenting tension of worry. With no background distractions, the black-and-white image brings out every detail of the actress' face, conveying an unmissable, powerful message.

As we mentioned before, this image – and others – are for use in a banner campaign for Mumsnet designed to raise awareness of the thousands of children who run away from home in the UK every year. One hundred thousand children under the age of 16, to be precise. The problem of run away children is a source of great suffering for many families, and it's an issue which deserves wider social awareness and action.

Aviva are committed to helping children living on the streets to fulfill their potential, and to helping those at risk of a similar fate. From one-to-one support to education programmes, they support a variety of projects organised by their partner charity The Railway Children – and we're very proud of our opportunities to get involved too. Do look out for our images when they appear.


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