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Our New Budget Service

Posted by Ryan Watts on 27/08/2013

For people who retail online, we've just launched a great new service at a great new price.

We're offering low resolution product photography for websites. For anyone who requires basic product photography on a budget, we're now producing web standard images with no frills for as little as £4.99 per image.

The offer comes with a few restrictions. Usually, we tailor our lighting to each individual product. And we usually make our images available at a high resolution suitable for print, and even for advertising campaigns. But if you don't require these things - if you're an eBay seller, for instance - then our budget service might just be perfect for you.

Your images will be shot using our standard lighting set-up and made available to you with no amendments at 567x720 pixels, at 72 dots per inch. Which is just fine for use on the internet.

This service isn't designed for products with reflective surfaces, metal or glass. A great deal more attention would need to be given to products such as these. But otherwise, it's worth thinking about. It could be an excellent deal for you.

Click here for further details.


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