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Posted by Ryan Watts on 03/11/2011

Outsiders to our industry often assume that the standard editing software used by photographers is Adobe Photoshop. This, however, is far from the case. Applications such as Lightroom and Aperture are becoming increasingly popular, but the photographers here at the Packshot People draw particular benefits from Capture One, the software built by photographic specialists Phase One.

Capture One is specifically designed to process RAW images from digital cameras. In many areas, it is actually a far more useful option compared with other applications. Its support for tethered shooting, for example, which downloads images from the camera to the computer for immediate viewing, allows us to make continual adjustments and improvements to our product photography during shoots, saving time in post-production. Additionally, on occasions when our clients are present in the studio, the software allows us to show them our ideas and receive their immediate approval or rejection – or, indeed, further helpful suggestions.

There are further benefits too. Once our photographers have finished processing a particular RAW image, its exact settings can be easily applied to other, similar images – another time-saving feature. It all helps. As a fellow blogger has noted, “Photoshop will do absolutely anything you want done – but it’s not optimised to do the same things over and over again”. Making the repetitive tasks easy is one of the great strengths of Capture One. It saves us time on little niggles in post-production, and allows us to concentrate on more important matters.

Excellent news for everyone.


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