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Comping; a photographers dream!

Posted by Miriam Howell on 05/11/2010

Look at the image below… this photograph could have been achieved one of two ways. The first and maybe assumed way is to have photographer, model, makeup artist and of course the heavy laden assistant all on location. This way, though possible, would be tricky. The lighting on the model and the lighting on the background would need to be exacted at the same time. The position of the model would also be vitally important. The second way of achieving this image is to shoot the model in the studio and photograph the background separately. The studio allows the photographer much more control over the lighting and the makeup artist can work in a well-lit area. There is also no lugging around of equipment for the assistant, so he/she can concentrate on being on hand for anyone who needs it. So we end up with two images, one of model and one of background. All we need now is our super retouching lady Linda Duong! She will magically ‘comp’ the two images together as if there were taken at the same time. Comping is a photographer’s dream…


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