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Efficiency in our Studio

Posted by Ryan Watts on 20/05/2011

Here at the Packshot People (based in Norwich, Norfolk), our friendly, dedicated team – of photographers, post-production assistants and administrative assistants, all overseen by experienced photographer Mike Harrington - and our custom-built studio are all centred around achieving the highest possible degree of efficiency.

In achieving maximum efficiency in a photographic studio, every consideration counts. To begin with, the set-up of the Packshot People studio has been meticulously designed. For ease of photographing large subjects (bicycles, for example, or furniture) a seven-metre infinity cove has been installed, with a light table and light tent easily to hand for smaller subjects (such as snack foods or, indeed, Scrabble tiles…)

The lighting rig in the studio has been installed with ease of use and versatility firmly in mind. The lights, attached to tracks on the ceiling, can be moved easily into the most advantageous positions for each individual shot during a shoot. This, in tandem with the comfortable size of the studio, also allows for the lights to be left in situ between shoots – saving a good deal of time from day to day that might otherwise be spent setting them up.

During our shoots, images are instantaneously transferred from the camera to a nearby Apple computer, allowing our photographers and clients to scrutinize them and make immediate adjustments as required – both digitally and to the physical studio set-up. This enables us to maximise our degree of control over the images – a crucial element in producing high quality product photographs. Meanwhile, the studio has a dedicated client area with comfortable seating, designed to create an atmosphere conducive to satisfaction, encouraging everyone involved in our shoots, whether clients or models, to feel at ease. The Packshot People also provide free lunches for clients which always go down well…

After our shoots, images are sent to an area of the studio dedicated to post-production. Here, the photographers co-operate closely with the highly-skilled post-production assistants to ensure that the final images are of the highest standard and optimised towards the needs of the client.

Throughout the process, the requirements of the client are kept at the forefront of the team’s thoughts. To this end, the Packshot People’s aim is to turn each job around within forty-eight hours – and the team members are very proficient in working to this timescale. Once the final images are ready, they can – as required – be uploaded to our website, which has a password-protected area intended especially for clients who may wish to view their images online, from any location. Our online presence also offers ease of payment, as well as the incentive of a 5% discount for invoices settled via Google Checkout.

Each of us at the Packshot People appreciate the ease of working in such a well-designed studio. Our clients find it extremely helpful too. For your product photography, look no further – request a quote today.


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