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Posted by Ryan Watts on 01/02/2012

“I cannot begin to describe to you how deeply sophisticated journalists hate it when some cocksure, hunchbacked, sub-literate snapper – who has failed to confront his personal hygiene crisis for over a decade – turns to us with an exultant cackle that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.”

These are the deeply entertaining words of one of the Observer’s top columnists, Nick Cohen. Snarling photographers reading this might note, however, that he did add a little grudging nuance to his point:

“We hate it because it is true.”

There is no better illustration of this point than the Eyewitness section of the Observer’s sister paper, the Guardian. It’s available on the App Store – and looks best on the application by far - but can also be viewed through the newspaper’s website. Updated daily, it presents us with the most dramatic photojournalism from around the world, from carnivals to war zones, and in recent months has exhibited events as diverse as space shuttles landing, protests in Cairo and the Chinese Year of the Dragon.

Well worth a few minutes of your time. Don’t get too absorbed in it, though. That's a mistake I made...


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