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Posted by Murray Laidlaw on 13/11/2014

 In our digital world of on demand, instant access constantly connected internet and social media it may be a bit of a surprise to discover that there is still a healthy market for the instant picture camera.
The idea was conceived by Edwin H Land in 1943 when his 3 year old daughter apparently asked why she couldn’t see the photograph he had just taken of her. It took another five years before the first Polaroid camera was launched producing a printed photograph directly from the camera.Today sixty-six years later Fuji has a range of instant cameras producing high quality instant prints.

The concept sounds simple, a sandwich layer of chemicals to develop the image is contained within each “print” pack but getting that mix of chemicals correct took many years and a lot of refinement to reach the high level of quality demanded by consumers today. Why buy an instant camera when you can have a digital one? It’s simple there is still something really nice about holding a photographic print in your hands and here at The Packshot People we've had a lot of fun photographing this new range of Fuji cameras.


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