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Posted by Ryan Watts on 22/02/2013

We had a helping hand in delivering an impressive project last month.

Interflora commissioned Norwich design company Cluster Digital to create an innovative new website, allowing customers to order bouquets and hampers of their very own design. The end result is excellent - it can be used for sharing on social media as well as for ordering - and it's very satisfying for us, given the hard work we put into it.

One of the most challenging elements of the job, for us, was to photograph the products for the hampers. As many of these products are in glass bottles, it was a painstaking effort to ensure that each bottle reflected its light source in the same way as all the others. The smallest of errors could be immediately obvious, so it was vital that we got this right.

We had a separate challenge for the bouquets. We had to photograph over sixty varieties of flower. Each of these flowers had to be photographed at various angles - the same angles - to make the custom design look as realistic as possible.

From a visual perspective, we think it works really well. It was a privilege to be involved in it. But it isn't just visually impressive. Cluster Digital have designed the system to work well across web browsers old and new, as well as allowing for future use in mobile apps. It's a great little system. And now that it's launched, we're delighted to be able to shout about it.


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