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Posted by Miriam Howell on 02/07/2010

 We have worked for Mezzo for a number of years, photographing these magical folding bikes for their website and for brochures. Mezzo bikes are clean and stylish but packed with fantastic features, so our photographs need to show this off. After folding out the bike and balancing it carefully using a clear plastic tube, we proceed to light the bike. The pedals, wheels and wires need to be in a specified position requested by the client. As these bikes have many components it is important that they all 'sing' so the lights are added one by one so we don't miss any important features. The end result is clean and crisp just like the product. Mezzo are a fantastic company to work for and their product never ceases to impress us. Have a look at their other products and more of our photographs on their website


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