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Posted by Ryan Watts on 08/09/2011

It hardly needs stating that technology in the sphere of photography has revolutionized the industry over the past decade. In our contemporary digital environment, far more can be achieved in a day than was previously the case, and this is, of course, expected of photographers as well. Where once around four images per day might have been expected on a shoot, nowadays two or three times that amount is possible, without any compromise in the standard of working. This is thanks to possibilities such as tethering digital cameras to computers – significantly reducing processing times – and effective use of post-production software such as Photoshop.

There are, however, still times when getting everything right during the shoot, and depending as little as possible on post-production, can be of great benefit. We found this recently during a clothing shoot for Mr. Kickz, in which we managed to shoot an entire range of products – totalling around one hundred and thirty five shots – in the space of just six hours. Setting up the studio to achieve natural reflections took time, but as it minimized time spent in post-production, during which we would otherwise have had to add reflections digitally, we were able to reduce our overall workload drastically. And it looks great.

That’s the value of expertise.


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