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Posted by Ryan Watts on 20/10/2011

The chief advantage of having packshot photographs professionally produced is, of course, the technical expertise at hand. At the Packshot People, we have a thorough understanding of the process, each step of the way.

We’ve written before about the importance of versatile equipment. As photographer Ken Rockwell once noted, “the camera’s only job is to get out of the way of making photographs”. Cameras are designed to function in all manner of circumstances nowadays, although one of the most important aspects of this versatility does not concern the actual shoot, but the post-production.

Inaccuracy of colours, inaccuracy of exposure, inaccuracy of white balance, loss of image data, alterations which cannot be undone: all of these potential drawbacks of working with image formats such as JPEGs can be eliminated by working in RAW. Our photographers understand the format thoroughly, and are able to work comfortably with it, allowing us to give our clients exactly what they desire: accurate, high quality images of their products.

Another contribution to their satisfaction.


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