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Staff Profile: Annie Hawkes

Posted by Ryan Watts on 01/09/2011

Annie Hawkes joined Mike Harrington’s studio in July 2010, and having fitted in superbly, has been rewarded by seeing her responsibilities gradually increase over the past year. Originally recruited as an assistant to Mike, she was recently promoted to running the Packshot People full-time. “I’ve managed to adjust well”, she says. “As we run the Packshot People and Harrington Photography from the same studio, I’m familiar with both, so the change was quite natural. I spent a year assisting on shoots, processing and dealing with clients – it’s routine for me.”

Annie’s career in photography began at Norwich City College, where she studied for a National Diploma in the subject. “It helped having a motivational tutor”, she says, “and I loved being in an environment which encouraged experimenting. I enjoyed the commercial and advertising elements of the course, but we also tried out artistic ideas such as painting over photographs and using scratching techniques. The course also helped me to discover other photographers’ work, which has always interested me.”

Asked which photographers interest her, she immediately points out Tim Walker, a London-based photographer who produces striking material for the American, British and Italian editions of fashion magazine Vogue, as well as Vanity Fair. “I’ve always loved his imagination, and his use of colour and props. His photographs are always full of new ideas – I often wrote about him at college and I still often look through his work.” Additionally, Annie attends exhibitions around the United Kingdom, including London. “Sometimes I go to particular artists’ shows, although I always enjoy going to random exhibitions to see what’s on offer.”

Running the Packshot People full-time is a demanding task which comes with its compromises. “It’s usually difficult to put as much effort into my own photography as I’d like, because I’m usually tired outside of work. But I do get involved whenever I can, and I always take a camera with me, wherever I go - there’s nothing worse than being caught out without one!” Annie certainly has firm ambitions for the future, too. “I’m working towards organising some fashion shoots, which is something I’d like to pursue at some point in the future. I’m excited at the idea of working on projects such as campaigns for advertising companies.”


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