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Posted by Ryan Watts on 14/03/2013

The present economic circumstances are nothing to be proud of.

But there is a significant - and growing - number of people who are attempting to make the most of it.

Not too long ago, Sir Richard Branson wrote in The Telegraph that if he had the chance to start again, he'd start up more businesses during recessions. "Almost everything", he wrote, "costs 50-90% less than during the good times." And with more people seeking employment during these times, the pool of potential employees is far bigger.

Branson: "Such a climate is perfect for young, enthusiastic and nimble companies to set up and thrive."

From school-leavers to mothers, more and more people are setting up their own businesses. It isn't necessarily becoming easier to do so. It still takes a long-term feat of attitude and effort. But self-employment is becoming more convenient, particularly with the growth of the internet as a medium, allowing people to create their own spaces for selling.

One such company with whom we recently worked is Sunless Solutions, a spray tan company set up by Lisa Young. They've recently launched a pop-up tanning tent, which inflates easily and can be placed in the washing machine after use. We're predicting a bright future within the industry for the tent, the company and for Lisa. We did some product photography for her tent recently, and look forward to seeing the images rolled out in the near future.



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