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Posted by Ryan Watts on 06/05/2011

Our pricing for our product photography is extremely competitive, and based upon various considerations for our clients.

One of the foremost aims of the Packshot People is to build up strong working relationships with our clients, working consistently to develop our understanding of the needs of their business, and how their photographic requirements fit in. We take pride in having extremely flexible methods of working, which allow us to individually design the composition and lighting of each image we produce, according to these requirements, as well as our explicit intention to show each product at its best. This makes for a far more effective and satisfying manner of working than shooting under a standardised, inflexible lighting setup.

Another important aspect of our work which assists us in understanding our clients’ needs is our ability to keep them involved in our work at each stage of our shoots. As we mentioned in our last blog post, we tether our camera to an Apple computer, which allows clients present in the studio to review images as they are produced – an ideal means of facilitating their input and improving the final result.

Our degree of interactivity and understanding of clients’ requirements, as well as our high standard of output and competitive pricing, ensure that various clients return to us again and again. Here is a testimonial from one of our satisfied clients. Give us a call if you think we can help!

"Mike remains my first call for professional photography. He exceeds the brief, always delivers and cares passionately about his trade. I'm always happy to recommend him because I know he won't disappoint." - Dave Richardson, Former Head of Marketing, May Gurney, Anglian Housing Group and Howards Group

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