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The Packshot People is a digital photography studio specialising is photo retouching and image retouching for a diverse range of applications including brochures, websites, catalogues, magazines, marketing, packaging and advertising. Our retouching studio is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and digital equipment to put into action any editing requirements you have.

As East Anglia’s leading photo retouching studio, The Packshot People is well reputed for having first class facilities. The 950 sq ft custom built studio has been designed to provide our professional retouchers with the best industry facilities and equipment, to improve your images beyond recognition. Our fully networked retouching studio includes a comfortable client area; secure storage and access to our full digital suite with broadband, ISDN and Wi-Fi network.

Our experienced team of retouchers can work to any brief and can also offer expert creative input for your photo retouching project, such as suggestions for backgrounds to add more context or combinations that we think will work well, all to ensure your image retouching gives the maximum impact and visual appeal.

The Packshot People’s photo retouching service also includes image montaging, whereby combining material from various sources, such as other pictures or photographs, makes a completely unique picture. So for instance if you wanted a car to be placed in a mountain setting, we’d be able to shoot the car in our retouching studio, then go on location to an outdoor landscape to shoot the mountain scene. Our expert image retouching team will then put the two together to create a seamless image. Why not get in touch with us now to move your photo retouching project forward?

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Why Packshot People?

Packshot People has full service capabilities, so by outsourcing your pack photography services to us, you not only save yourself money but can take advantage of other post-production services to. Why not consider our Image Manipulation or Creative Photography services for adding extra creative elements to your packshot?

  • 48 hour turnaround
  • 5% off when you buy through Google Checkout
  • Free next day download facility
  • Free proof of print images
  • View your images in a secure area
  • Any questions? Get in touch

Clipping Paths?

Simple £2.79

Up to a six sided object, e.g. mobile phone

Standard £3.99

Multiple sided object, e.g. table and chairs

Complex £7.49

Many different sides and angles, e.g. mountain bike

Do you want the highest quality packshots at some of the most competitive prices? If so, then we can help you here at The Packshot People. We now have a budget pricing structure in place for the packshots you require.

What is a clipping path?

A clipping path isolates a photographed object from its background. Using a clipping path is useful when a packshot is to be placed on a different colour, or on top of another image. Effectively a clipping path allows anything within the path to be seen; anything outside of it is excluded. For any more information on clipping paths call to speak to one of our packshot photographers.

Image effect costs

Drop Shadow £4.99 Insert a shadow beneath your item. Click here for a sample.
Reflections £4.99 Insert a reflection onto your item. Click here for a sample.
Invisible Mannequin £4.99 Show off clothing in three dimensions, free of any distractions. Click here for a sample.

What are image effects?

Image effects are techniques applied in post-production to improve a photograph. They are useful for showing items at their optimum, or for highlighting them against backgrounds. For any more information on image effects call to speak to one of our packshot photographers. 

Delivery Costs

Delivery by secure courier £12 per box up to 10kg

We hope you have found the information above helpful with regards to the packshots you will receive from us. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to get in contact. 


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No. of photos required:

Clipping Paths?
What is a clipping path?

Simple -

Up to a six sided object, e.g. mobile phone

- £2.79

Standard -

Multiple sided object, e.g. table and chairs

- £3.99

Complex -

Many different sides and angles, e.g. mountain bike

- £7.49

If the products vary in complexity please choose standard clipping path.
Estimated Costs:
Cost per photo = £0.00
Total cost = £0.00
No. of photos Cost (each)
1000+ Photos £9.99
500+ photos £10.99
250+ photos £11.99
100+ photos £13.99
50 - 99 photos £15.99
36 - 49 photos £17.99
26 - 35 photos £19.99
16 - 25 photos £21.99
11 - 15 photos £23.99
6 - 10 photos £30.99
2 -5 photos £39.99
1 photo £64.99
Our Clients
Our Clients

From Lotus Cars to Fujifilm, we work with an extensive range of local, national and international clients across many commercial product sectors.

"Cluster Digital have worked with Packshot People on a number of occasions, both in the studio and on location. Every brief has been met with enthusiasm and work has always been successfully completed on time and within budget. It is a pleasure to work alongside this professional team that always make getting the job done an enjoyable experience." Sarah Herbert, Cluster Digital.

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