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What is a clipping path?

Simple -

Up to a six sided object, e.g. mobile phone

- £2.79

Standard -

Multiple sided object, e.g. table and chairs

- £3.99

Complex -

Many different sides and angles, e.g. mountain bike

- £7.49

If the products vary in complexity please choose standard clipping path.
What are image effects?

Drop Shadow - Insert a shadow beneath your item. - £4.99

Invisible Mannequin - Show off clothing in three dimensions, free of any distractions. - £4.99

Reflections - Insert a reflection onto your item. - £4.99

We have devised a 'request a quote' feature on our website. You can now submit your quote request for the number of packshots you require. 

What happens next

Once you've sent a quote request to Packshot People, we'll get in touch to confirm your details, your requirements and then provide you with a price for supplying your photos.

We'll then schedule a time for your photographs to be taken, help you arrange for your products to be delivered to our studio, and discuss any other details you'd like confirmed.

When your photos have been taken, we'll give you access to our secure client area, where you can preview and download your images.

If you want to discuss matters before you send a quote request, please call our studio on 01603 628050.