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Frequently asked questions

Who owns the copyright to the images?
By law the creator of the images owns the copyright. However the person who commissions the photograph has the rights to freely use the images.

Can we have different colour backgrounds for the packshot service?
All images are shot on a white background. By adding the clipping path option the product is separated from the background enabling you to freely change the colour of your background in a graphics-editing programme such as Photoshop.

Will there be any shadows surrounding our images?
This will depend of the nature of the product. Shadows are kept to a minimum. However by choosing the clipping path option, all shadows will be eliminated.

What is a clipping path?
A clipping path is a device allowing the required component/s of an image to be used without the embedded background. In effect it is a clever pair of electronic scissors that allows anything within the path to be seen and anything outside of the path to be excluded!

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