Image Manipulation

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  • Photo retouching
  • Colour correction
  • Colour adjustment
  • Compositing
  • Image enhancing
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The Packshot People’s digital manipulation services aim to take your packshots to the next level. Our post-production photo manipulation services offer a valuable, cost-efficient add-on service to ensure your packshots achieve maximum impact every time. Whatever level of image manipulation you require, our professional retouchers are trained to standards that produce outstanding results.

Our digital manipulation services incorporate all that can be done to an image, through the alteration of certain elements of a photograph. Be it a subtle alteration of colour, or something more explicit that changes the image far beyond the original photo, our years of experience means what we can produce anything that your imagination conjures up.

Using the latest digital software, images can be completely removed, new images can be inserted or backgrounds manipulated to achieve a certain effect. Your imagination is your only limit! Regardless of how complex or simple your photo manipulation services requirements are, you can leave it to the experts at The Packshop People to provide a quality service at an affordable price.

The Packshot People has full service capabilities so by outsourcing your photo manipulation services to us, you allow yourself more time to spend on the whole creative process rather than getting bogged down in per image technicalities. If required, we can also perform image manipulation on 3rd party images. Why not consider some of our other services, such as Creative Photography to add an extra dimension to your images?

With prices starting at as little as £45.00 per hour and a 48-hour turnaround as standard, our image manipulation services are comprehensive and a cost-effective solution so get in touch now to discuss your requirements.

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