360 Degree Product Photography

360 degree photography allows you to showcase your product from all angles, making your product stand out from the crowd and attract more customers. Using 360 degree rotational views, your customers can really get a feel for your products, allowing greater interactivity and ability to explore your product in detail. Here are just some of the reasons people opt for 360° animated photography from The Packshot People:

• Improves conversion rates
• Increases online retention rates
• Maximises profits on e-commerce sites
• Reduces return rates
• Reduces customer service calls
• Allows greater customer engagement
• Gives competitive advantage.

Why Packshot People? Collection & Delivery

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Give your products the competitive edge with 360-degree photography

When your potential customers are shopping online, they want a visually inspiring and interactive experience. A static product shot may not tempt shoppers to complete a purchase. Their e-commerce experience should mirror the engagement of an in-store experience; 360-degree product photography is the most innovative way of giving internet-savvy shoppers what they want.

What is 360-degree photography?

360° photography refers to a collection of images of an item taken from different angles and presented in an interactive format, which allows the user to zoom in, out and rotate the item. Add-on customisation options such as clickable hotspots and special features are also available on request.

Packshot People photographers shoot 360-degree and 3-D product photography in its full-service UK studio using state of the art digital equipment, including robotic arm and turntable. Always at the forefront of technology, The Packshot People is one of the few photographic studios in the UK with the capability to offer both still product photography and interactive 3D photography.

Whether you want 2D or 3D product photography, The Packshot People’s dedicated commercial photography studio can accommodate any request; from small product quantities to large brochures or catalogues made up of thousands of photos, all images are produced at optimal resolutions for online use. We can also cater to a diverse range of proportions from small objects such as electronics or jewellery to larger objects such luggage or homeware.

The end result is a smooth and immersive 3D representation of your product as if it was right in front of you. Our maximum resolution product spin images work on all devices including computers, smart phones and tablets.

What’s more, our full-service approach allows us to take as many professional, dynamic photos at one time as you require, providing extensive cost savings while retaining a consistent look and feel across all media that reflects your brand.

Bring your products to life with 360 degree interactive photo animations from The Packshot People