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What Is Invisible Mannequin Photography?

Posted by Mike on 07/04/2014

Are you wondering what is invisible mannequin photography? We're pleased to say that you have come to the right place if you are! At The Packshot People we regularly help our clients with our invisible mannequin photography services, but what is it?!

Invisible mannequin photography is the process of using a mannequin to dress in clothing to photograph so the viewer can see how the clothes look, but the mannequin in the photographs appears invisbile so you just see the clothing. 

If you sell clothing items online or via a brochure / catalogue then using an invisible mannequin is the best way to promote your clothing products to your customers who will be able to view the products you have in all their glory.

Here at The Packshot People, we ensure that the invisible mannquein photography services we offer are affordable and of the highest quality. If you click HERE you will be able to see images of our invisible mannequin in action. 

To find out more about exactly what is an invisible mannequin and how it can help promote your clothing products please call us on 01603 628 050. We will be more than happy to assist you further.  


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