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360 Degree Product Shots

Posted by Mike on 22/09/2014

We've recently begun shooting 360 degree product shots. With new equipment allowing us to meticulously measure angles of rotation, we're able to produce images to our usual extremely high standard. It's an efficient process, too, so we're able to offer this service at our usual reasonable cost.

Of course, 360 degree shots are designed for online use, allowing potential customers the opportunity to view products in far greater detail than would otherwise be possible. The interactive element is becoming increasingly important online, and offering this facility illustrates that companies are prepared to go the extra mile for their customers.

These images are produced at optimal resolutions for online use and are ideal for online retailers of all types and sizes - from large department stores to small independent businesses.

Here's an example of our work, produced recently for *insert company name*. You can see our high standards for yourself.

Get in touch with us here if this service interests you.


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