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Posted by Ryan Watts on 03/05/2011

Here at the Packshot People, we use the up-to-date, high-end Phase One P30 digital back for our product photography. This medium-format camera back opens up a vast array of possibilities in our work, with its 31 megapixel sensor and 16-bit colour depth, which allow for extremely accurate detail and colour reproductions.

Our equipment is tethered via Firewire to an Apple Mac computer running Phase One’s leading Capture One image processing software, allowing instantaneous viewing of each image captured. This is invaluable to the Packshot People’s photographers, assisting in setting up images with the attention to detail and precision upon which we have built our solid reputation. There is an additional convenience to this, however: our clients enjoy and appreciate the interactive element of seeing the photographs as they are produced. The arrangement allows them to have a certain degree of input according to their preferences, and has the happy effect of increasing their satisfaction with our service, as well as improving our efficiency. Perfect.

(For further information on Phase One P30 digital back, click here. For information on Capture One software, click here.)


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