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Understanding Core Messages

Posted by Ryan Watts on 10/11/2011

With any brand, a specific set of core messages will be conveyed across all of its marketing material, based in various ways on the distinctive benefits of its products or services. When we get involved with branding campaigns, we understand how vital it is to work with established brand guidelines to convey these messages.

Planning carefully and collaborating extensively with art directors ensures that these core messages are met at the time of shooting.

Recent examples of our work in this field include our work with Barclays and Aviva.

A common theme across Aviva’s branding material - to give you an example - is sunlight. Go anywhere on their website and you’ll find images featuring prominent sunshine and sun flares. It lends a relaxed tone, a sense of comfort which ties in nicely with the concept of insurance cover. When we work for Aviva, we ensure that we aim for this feel in our images.

Barclays, on the other hand, always ensure that their marketing materials feature their distinctive shade of blue. Have a look for yourself. In our most recent work for Barclays, we ensured a bright blue sky, in addition to the illustrated blue bridge.

As we gain experience with individual brands, we gain a good idea of what works well in their campaigns, and it becomes easier for us to help keep shoots running smoothly. Clients always appreciate a shoot which flows as easily as possible from one shot to the next, with photographers who understand the particular details of each job. We ensure that we do.


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