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Posted by Miriam Howell on 10/09/2010

 Jordan Fitness provided us with a brief to produce product photographs of their free weights etc. in action using two very toned models.  Using the lights to show off the model's muscles in contrast with the dark heavy shapes of the weights. To be in keeping with the logo and design of Jordan equipment the models dressed in black and red so not to take any attention away from what is being shown off!  The photograph shown below works so well compositionally as the model, holding the weight, is positioned centrally and symmetrically apart from the position of her head. A good trick of the product photography trade to show off those toned muscles is to smoother skin in baby oil. Even a little can go a long way to get the desired affect! In all photographs in this series it was important to show the 'Jordan' logo clearly which you can see in this example, you wouldn't find it hard to spot where to get this weight from, so will prove very effective in their advertising campaigns. For more in this series and more about the equipment please see


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