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Fuji Z90

Posted by Ryan Watts on 15/07/2011


In a recent blog post, I discussed the various benefits of integrated photographic projects, in which we take responsibility for all aspects of a production. Recently, an advertising campaign for Fuji went live on their website, for which we organised the model casting and the hair and make-up artist, as well as the photography and the processing. The campaign is a web animation combining illustration with photography, and was designed to advertise Fuji's Z90 compact camera.

As you might imagine, this necessitated excellent teamwork. Photographer Mike liaised consistently and closely with the rest of the team around a storyboard drawn up by the illustrator, before designing a set of images which would accurately reflect the original drawings. The poses for Marta, the model, were designed to provide a vibrant feel to the eventual animation, so she posed in positions that would allow the artist to portray her riding a bicycle, calling shots in a director's chair, riding a merry-go-round, sitting in a cinema and - for a slightly more relaxed look - reclined in a garden chair.

All of these shots required meticulous attention to detail and a high level of concentration throughout the day. To make Marta's poses appear as natural as possible, we made use of various props. In place of the loudspeaker, for example, which is drawn in the actual animation, she held up a mug, and she sat on a stool, holding onto a pole to mimic the merry-go-round. Each pose was scrupulously refined until the ideal shots were achieved.

The results speak for themselves. The team succeeded in creating an atmosphere in which Marta's enjoyment shone through, and the whole production was put together to a very high standard, from concept to launch. We're very proud of it.



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