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Posted by Miriam Howell on 01/06/2010

 The Ryvita mountain has now diminished to a couple of lonely boxes.  Not for long! They are now accompanied by Fox's sweets in many different flavours, xxx strong mints, poppets and just brazils. What a choice, what shall I have for my lunch!? The creative packshot featured here was shot in three stages to get the result the client was after. First the packs were shot in isolation in order to reduce reflection and flares. This was achieved in a light tent in the studio with even lighting. Then we brought the model in to look lovingly into the sweet's eyes! Both packaging and model were photographed on a white background.  The final stage was to get the images off to our re-toucher to put them together and onto a blue background.  The end result gives space for copy and shows a desirable product off at it's best. Have a look at our 'Creative Photography' on the website for more creative solutions to showing that product off. Also have a look at our Facebook page for more examples from this shoot.  If you like what you see become a fan!


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