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A Messed Up Look

Posted by Paul Strowger on 04/12/2009

 We were approached to shoot a selection of clothing for a magazine. The package arrived to reveal twenty or so hoodies and t-shirts. I unpacked and unwrapped all the items and began to iron them to make sure they looked their best. Choosing to shoot these hoodies and t-shirts in a carefree style, I began arranging the clothes in a way that showed a relaxed attitude, whilst making sure all logos and graphics were clearly visible. I shot a series of hoodies first, both front and back, making sure to present them in the desired ‘messed up’ fashion, but also ensuring that they looked natural. I also ensured continuity between sets of clothes and individual shots. The shoot culminated with two mass group shots of the hoodies, and the t-shirts, all arranged in a long line, with just one arm showing at each end, which proved rather enjoyable!


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