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Mmm… Ryvita

Posted by Miriam on 03/11/2009

Day one started with a delivery of a Ryvita mountain! (which is still sitting in the studio slowly, very slowly shrinking!) Whilst Mike was busy photographing the product in it’s packaging on the light table, I went searching high and low for props and locations to complement the product ready for day two’s 14 shots! Two days production managed to squeeze into just one day. Each of the 14 individual shots are to show a different personality of the eater; A floral umbrella for one and a pair of specs for another etc.
Day two… More Ryvita; A simple product to be put into context in an ‘aspirational’ manor. Today we are a team of 7; the client, the agency, a food stylist, 2 assistants and of course Mike. As the food stylists, Denise, works her magic and dresses up the Ryvita in colour and tastiness, we move the lights and props around to give the product it’s moment of fame. We work through the different scenarios in the studio, breakfast, lunch at work, lunch at home, dessert replacement (my favourite!) and many more. 12 down, only 2 to go ‘sharing Ryvita’ and ‘enjoyable evening snack on the sofa’ are shot on location. We use Olive’s, a café in Norwich, which it’s atmospheric lighting. After a 10-hour day we have achieved a lot, 14 shots ticked off satisfactorily, and we give ourselves a pat on the back.
That was last week, the shoot is now a distant memory taken over by present and future shoots, but the mountain still remains!… Sweet Chilly mini Ryvitas… mmm.



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