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Why we use... Nikon D3

Posted by Mike Harrington on 07/01/2011

Over the past 13 years that I’ve worked as a professional photographer, I’ve worked with many different cameras but primarily with the following brands:
Linhof for large format work, Bronica and Hasselblad for medium format work and Nikon for 35 mm work.

What format I use depends on the job. It doesn’t make any difference whether I’m shooting film or digital as the same theory still applies to each format. To put it simply: the larger the format, the better quality image you capture and the sharper, larger and better tonal range you achieve. So for example large format work is great for studio photography and architecture. The smaller you go, the faster you can work and the easier it is to capture the action so 35mm is great for sport and press work.

For the past two years I’ve favoured my Hasselblad combined with my Phase One digital back as the quality is just stunning and I’m able to work well and reasonably quickly hand held. However, for capturing fast action I still rely on my Nikon.

After reading some very interesting reviews on the Nikon D3, I upgraded my Nikon last January. So far the results have been outstanding. In my opinion it’s the first digital camera that does just what I want it to. It locks brilliantly onto a moving image and shoots a very impressive 10 frames per second. This new fall frame camera comes with a 12.8 mega pixel chip. The other great plus is that as the pixels are so spread out it’s practically noise free when working at very low light levels. So in a nutshell I love it!

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